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We can build our clients anything. We pride ourselves and are dedicated to serving our clients from the initial design phase through the completion of the project. Our main objective is to provide an enjoyable experience throughout the build process and peace of mind for our clients from conception to completion, and beyond.
A commercial project is highly complex because it requires many factors and entities to work together, which can cause great frustration in a project.

Our goal is to remove the frustration from our clients by allowing us to manage all aspects of the build. We want our clients to have a pleasurable experience by allowing Silicon Slopes Construction to completely manage the planning, logistics and permit process, managing engineers, designers, architects, carpenters, bricklayers, demolition experts, framers, drywallers, cement finishers, roofers and general labor. Our goal is to allow our clients to simply sit back and enjoy watching the process of a vision become a reality.


 This is one of the most exciting and important parts of the entire process that we enjoy sharing with our clients, as the vision begins its first step toward the reality. In a traditional construction management approach, a client would be forced to deal with several entities in order to tackle the different phases of a project. Here at Silicon Slopes Construction we believe that in order for the client to have the most pleasurable experience throughout the entire process, it is best to allow us to manage all aspects of the entire project. We believe it is vital to allow the construction team to work simultaneously with the architectural team as it greatly minimizes the chance of delays or unforeseen costs. However in the event that a client already has a design plan, we are ready to use the plan to immediately start the process of construction.

If our client does not already have a design plan, it is best for the architectural team to work side by side with the construction team so that discussions can take place in relation to all aspects of the build including the structural, visual, technological and mechanical elements that go into the plan of the project. There is great value in allowing these two teams to work together during the planning phase because plan changes are minimized or outright extinguished, and construction costs are more accurately projected. Silicon Slopes Construction also plays a vital role in the permitting process because plans are reviewed by both the architectural team and the construction team.

In addition, when construction does begin the construction team is fully apprised of the build as it has been working with the architectural team from the beginning. Communication from the start between the architectural plan team and construction team constitutes faster completion times, less potential problems to fix, and money saved by our clients. By applying the Silicon Slope Construction approach, our clients are able to feel confident that every aspect of the build is known and understood well before construction begins which greatly assists our clients to align the vision with the budget.


One of the best questions, if not the most important question, is the question of price. Many construction companies provide price estimates early on in the process in the attempt to lure in a customer. However, everyone in the business knows that price cannot be honestly discussed until a plan is approved by the client. Only then can an honest discussion take place in relation to a price. Once plans are finalized and have passed the permit process, Silicon Slopes Construction can then determine the actual cost of the project.

We pride ourselves in having honest and transparent conversations with our clients so that there are no unwarranted surprises. We pride ourselves in protecting our clients’ investment monies in the project by scrupulously managing the project and taking all feasible efforts to finish the project as quickly as possible.
Please note that Silicon Slopes Construction generally prefers to work with projects that possess a minimum budget of $150,000.


Silicon Slopes Construction is proud to offer its design services through its sister company, Silicon Slopes Custom Design for both exterior and interior design.

The design process should be one of the most exciting and pleasing phases of the project as it determines the actual workspace look, aesthetics, comfort, and feel of the space used. However, with the innumerable design options available in today’s market, design can be a demoralizing undertaking. The Silicon Slopes experience allows our clients to once again, sit back and enjoy the process of watching our design team do all of the heavy lifting, and then present options that capture the vision while staying on budget.

The Silicon Slopes approach is to incorporate our design team at the very inception of the project as the designer adds great value in assisting with the plans of the project. It is unadvisable to apply a hodge-podge approach to a building project. When the architectural team, the construction team, and the design team work together from conception to completion it creates the best experience for our clients, the best product for our clients, and the best price for our clients. Silicon Slope’s seamless approach to a build project creates the most pleasant and enjoyable experience for our clients

It is critical to choose the right colors, textiles, finishes, materials, style, flooring, tiles, paint options, architectural features, fixtures, hardware, lighting, furniture, accessories, and art. Silicon Slopes is here to make the daunting and complex process of tying the space together to create just the right mood the client wants for the space, into a pleasurable and fun experience.


When the architectural plan is approved by the client and passed the permit process, we then sit down with our client and determine the actual cost of the project. Once the contract is signed we immediately start the process of actual construction. Silicon Slopes Construction fully understands that the construction phase of the project can be worrisome and stressful. Silicon Slopes Construction takes great pride and satisfaction in performing in a manner that allows our clients to sit back and enjoy the process of watching our construction team do all of the heavy lifting.

Silicon Slopes Construction ensures that all of the workers are extremely knowledgeable and professional and adhere to the highest quality and workmanship. We pride ourselves in constantly communicating with our clients which is one of the most important keys to a successful project. We treat your business with care and respect, as if it was our own.

Managing Changes

The Silicon Slopes Construction approach is to avoid changes to the architectural plan. However, everyone in the business knows that during the construction phase occasionally there is an unforeseen warranted change, or a client wishes to make a change. In such an event, we make all possible efforts to incorporate the change as quickly and efficiently as possible by implementing the same approach as described above in our preconstruction and architectural plan phase. This type of event requires full transparency and honest communication with our clients which we are proud to provide to ensure that our clients are pleased and at ease with the process of managing a change in the plan. Again regardless of the situation, it is our ultimate goal of creating an environment where our clients can simply sit back and relax, and enjoy watching the process of Silicon Slopes Construction perform all of the heavy lifting from the vision to the finished product.

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